15 Banned Books And Their Reasons For Censorship

15 Banned Books And Their Reasons For Censorship

Though banning a book can censor information for many people, there’s no doubt that as soon as a book becomes banned, the more people want to get their hands on a copy and read it. In many ways, it actually inspires people to read more! However, often people find that banned books are far less controversial than they seem, which is why studying the reasons books are banned proves so interesting.

In this study from Invaluable, some of the most popular banned books are studied based on their genre. Using data from the American Library Association, they’ve studied the typical reasons fantasy novels are banned (occult/Satanism) to YA books (unsuited for age group). Though the reasons vary book to book, it interesting and insightful to see just why certain genres are repeat offenders in certain categories.

Emma Welsh
Emma Welsh

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