15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Reading

15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Reading

1. You know exactly how to pass the time when you are traveling.


2. You take “shelfies” instead of selfies.


3. You dress up as a book character for Halloween.


4. You know you belong to a group of people who would rather be alone than hang out together.


5. You have a vast collection of bookmarks.


6. You are fascinated by inscriptions found in old books.


7. This is your dream living room.


8. You have a tattoo of a book or books.


9. You ALWAYS think the book is better than the movie.


10. You never eat alone.


11. You read every night before you go to bed.


12. And you know you have found your soulmate when your partner reads every night too.


13. You’d rather get advice from books than real people.


14. You’ll read anything.


15. This pretty much sums up your idea of Nirvana.


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