20 Quirks And Strange Habits Of Famous Writers

20 Quirks And Strange Habits Of Famous Writers

Have you ever wondered how writers create their works? What processes they go through, what thoughts they have, or how much time they spend writing each day?

These are the kinds of questions that rarely get answered in biographies or Wikipedia pages.

Writers are regular humans like we all are, and they all take unique approaches to their craft. And it often happens that their work process is accompanied or followed by some quite strange habits.

That’s what the infographic below is going to tell you about. It includes 20 famous writers and describes their interesting quirks and weird habits.

Not all of these habits are necessarily connected to their writing. Some of the habits that writers have are just things they’re used to doing regardless of what they’re up to. Along with descriptions of their habits, you’ll also find a couple of quick facts explaining how a certain habit affected the creation of a particular work.

Enough with the introduction, though—let’s get into it.

Jack Milgram
Jack Milgram

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