20 Quotes About Reading By Some Of The Greatest Minds Of All Time

20 Quotes About Reading By Some Of The Greatest Minds Of All Time

Read these quotes about reading by some of the greatest minds of all time. Did we miss a great mind? Tell us in the comments section below.

1. “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”―Frederick Douglass

2. “Nothing is better than reading and gaining more and more knowledge.”―Stephen Hawking

3. “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”―Albert Einstein

4. “I loved books, and I used to haunt the secondhand bookshop.”―Jane Goodall


5. “Our hope is that the elementary reading of comics will lead to the joy of reading good books.”―Nelson Mandela

6. “Of all things, I liked books best.”―Nikola Tesla

7. “The way to chastity is not to struggle directly with incontinent thoughts but to avert your thoughts by some employment… by reading or meditating on other things. For he who is always thinking of chastity will always be thinking of women.”―Isaac Newton

8. “It may well wait a century for a reader, as God has waited six thousand years for an observer.”―Johannes Kepler

9. “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”—Voltaire

10. “One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time.”―Carl Sagan

11. “The dearest ones of time, the strongest friends of the soul―BOOKS.”―Emily Dickinson

12. “We live for books.”―Umberto Eco


13. “Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.“―Steve Jobs

14. “I spend a lot of time reading.”―Bill Gates


15. “Neither in writing nor in reading wilt thou be able to lay down rules for others before thou shalt have first learned to obey rules thyself.”―Marcus Aurelius

16. “I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time.”―Virginia Woolf

17. “It is with the reading of books the same as with looking at pictures; one must, without doubt, without hesitations, with assurance, admire what is beautiful.”―Vincent van Gogh

18. “[Public] libraries should be open to all—except the censor.“―John F. Kennedy

19. “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”―Leonardo da Vinci

20. “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”―Mark Twain


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