20 Words About Words

20 Words About Words

Attention logophiles: you will love these 20 words about words.

1. Adversative

Word or phrase expressing opposition.

2. Auslaut

Final sound of a word or syllable.

3. Cacology

Bad choice of words or faulty pronunciation.

4. Catachresis

Incorrect usage of a word.

5. Dysphemism

Replacement of an inoffensive by an offensive word.

6. Epeolatry

Worship of words.

7. Flexiloquent

Speaking ambiguously or using words of doubtful meaning.

8. Hadeharia

Constant use of the word “hell”.

9. Lethologica

Inability to remember the right word.

10. Logophile

A lover of words.

11. Malapropism

Misapplication of words without mispronunciation.

12. Oligosyllable

Word of few syllables.

13. Onomatomania

Irresistible desire to repeat certain words.

14. Onomatophobia

Fear of hearing a certain word.

15. Paranym

Euphemism; word whose meaning altered to conceal evasion.

16. Pauciloquent

Of few words; speaking little.

17. Portmanteau

Word formed by blending two existing words.

18. Sesquipedalian

Tending to use long or cumbersome words.

19. Verbicide

Destroying the meaning of a word.

20. Wordbound

Unable to find expression in words.


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