30 Reasons Why You Should Read Books

30 Reasons Why You Should Read Books

Why should you read books? Because the benefits of reading are manifold. These 30 reasons examine why you should make reading books a priority in your life.

1. Books help to educate us.

2. Books entertain us.

3. Books teach us empathy.

4. Books invite us to think outside the box.

5. Books make us ask questions.

6. And find answers to those questions.

7. Books engage our imaginations.

8. Books connect us with authors both alive and dead.

9. Books permit us to experience situations and circumstances vicariously.

10. Books allow us to travel to new places.

11. Books offer new perspectives.

12. Books dispel prejudices.

13. Books help us understand our history.

14. And learn from the past.

15. Books help us learn new skills.

16. And new ways to communicate.

17. Books explore life’s big questions.

18. Books begin where movies leave off.

19. Books inspire conversations.

20. Books offer a respite from the daily grind.

21. Books introduce us to new friends.

22. Books keep us company.

23. Books invite us to see the big picture.

24. Books show us we’re never alone.

25. Books encourage us to think in new ways.

26. Books improve our vocabulary.

27. Books can be shared with others.

28. Books empower us with knowledge.

29. Books open our minds.

30. And our hearts.

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    February 18, 2020, 6:39 am

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