6 Hilarious Male Sleuths In Crime Mystery Fiction

6 Hilarious Male Sleuths In Crime Mystery Fiction

Discover your next favorite funny detective. These hilarious male sleuths in crime mystery fiction always find a way to make you laugh while solving the case.

1. & 2.: Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs from The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp

“When the actor playing Rambunctious Rabbit – the mascot of Lamaar Studio’s Familyland theme park – is brutally murdered on park grounds, LAPD detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are brought in to investigate. Asked to keep the investigation under wraps in order to protect Lamaar’s idyllic image, Lomax and Biggs face a dilemma when a second – and then a third – brutal murder takes place and they uncover a conspiracy to destroy one of the country’s largest entertainment conglomerates. Written in sharp, comedic prose, The Rabbit Factory introduces a fresh set of cops to the mystery genre.”

3. Michael Barnes from Downtown by Ed McBain

“When Michael Barnes’s wallet and rental car are stolen in New York City, the Florida orange grower unwittingly becomes entangled in a brutal world where he is framed for murder and must run from both the mob and the police.”

4. V.C. Almond from The Doubly Dead Angel-Thief by Marc Whelchel

“Meet V.C. Almond, Mastermind Sleuth, Jack of Some Trades, and the Delmar Loop’s Private Investigator Ordinaire. His friend, merry prankster Jake Kennedy, has just committed suicide. The night of Jake’s funeral, V.C. returns home to find a surprise on his floor: Jake’s freshly murdered, bullet-riddled body. Soon realizing Jake’s double death appears destined to go unsolved, V.C. reluctantly agrees to help private detective Aldous Lewie crack the case.”

5. Andrew Yancy from Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

“When a severed arm is discovered by a couple on honeymoon in the Florida Keys, former police detective – now reluctant restaurant inspector – Andrew Yancy senses that something doesn’t add up. Determined to get his badge back, he undertakes an unofficial investigation of his own.”

6. Serge Storms from Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey

“Sunshine State trivia buff Serge A. Storms loves eliminating jerks and pests. His drug-addled partner Coleman loves cartoons. Hot stripper Sharon Rhodes loves cocaine, especially when purchased with rich dead men’s money.”


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