5 Must-Read Books About Collecting Art For Beginners

5 Must-Read Books About Collecting Art For Beginners

These 5 must-read books about collecting art for beginners dispels the myth that great art only belongs on the walls of galleries, museums, and homes of veteran collectors.

1. Art Collecting for Beginners by James A. Burgess

“Buying and collecting art intelligently can be done by anyone. That’s right, anyone. You do not need to have experience in collecting art, previous knowledge about the art business, or even a degree in art history. The truth is, all you’ll need is love for and appreciation of fine art; plus a yearning to collect; lastly, willingness to learn a some simple techniques that would help you evaluate any kind of art work coming from any period of history, whomever the artist is and whatever his or her nationality is.”

2. The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art by Don Thompson

“This is the first book to look at the economics and marketing strategies which power the contemporary art market. It contains exclusive interviews with artists, collectors, auctioneers and exhibitors.”

3. How to Collect Great Art on a Shoestring by David L. Gersh

“A how-to guide for new and experienced collectors, How to Collect Great Art on a Shoestring explores the unique opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind works for $2000 or $3000 by hundreds of mostly forgotten yet startlingly good artists who are in the permanent collection of MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Met, and among many other museums.

“A veteran and avid collector, Gersh offers pro tips on how, what, and which artists to look for while providing unique insights, an invaluable perspective, and a dash of humor into the world of collecting great art.”

4. Art Collecting Fundamentals by Jamie David

“This book is a wonderful tutorial on the fundamentals of beginning art collecting, Art Collecting at all levels is a fun and fulfilling hobby that can literally change your life, if not all the walls in your home. This book is primarily intended for new art collectors, and those interested in beginning or expanding an art collection of their own. Seasoned collectors will find it useful as well.”

5. The Intrepid Collector: The Beginner’s Guide to Finding, Buying and Appreciating Art by Lisa Hunter

“In The Intrepid Art Collector, Lisa Hunter shows you how to start a fine art collection without spending a fortune. This accessible, jargon-free resource contains up-to-date information on the most popular original art—everything from photography and posters to African art and animation—including where to find it and how to buy it at a fair price. Easy-to-use checklists help you evaluate original art and steer clear of clever fakes.”


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