• 7 Fashion Passages From The Ballet Lover

    7 Fashion Passages From The Ballet Lover0

    The following passages depicting transatlantic fashion from London and Paris to New York in the 1970s are taken from the novel The Ballet Lover by Barbara L. Baer. The book is available at Open Books Direct. “Natalia Makarova entered from the wings in pink toe shoes that squeaked newness. She wore a tulle skirt too

  • 10 Books About The Vietnam War

    10 Books About The Vietnam War0

    The Vietnam War occurred between 1955 and 1975 and killed almost 4 million people including 58,220 U.S. service members. These 10 nonfiction and fiction books about the Vietnam War define the conflict and explore the lives of those who were impacted by it. 1. Dereliction of Duty by H.R. McMaster “McMaster’s only book, Dereliction of

  • 5 Must-Read Fan Fiction Novels

    5 Must-Read Fan Fiction Novels0

    These 5 must-read fan fiction novels merge fact and fiction, reshape history, and reimagine the lives of some of the world’s most notable celebrities. 1. The Plot Against America by Philip Roth “When the renowned aviation hero and rabid isolationist Charles A. Lindbergh defeats Franklin Roosevelt by a landslide in the 1940 presidential election, fear