• 5 Books About The Flying Tigers

    5 Books About The Flying Tigers0

    These fascinating nonfiction and fiction selections detail the efforts of the World War II American combat group, the Flying Tigers, who helped defeat the Japanese in China. 1. Tex Hill: Flying Tiger by David Lee Hill “Born the son of missionary parents in Korea, David ‘Tex’ Hill has become one of America’s most famous and

  • 5 Books About World War II In China

    5 Books About World War II In China0

    The Nanking Massacre, otherwise known as Rape of Nanking left more than 300,000 Chinese civilians and soldiers raped, tortured, and murdered by soldiers from the Imperial Japanese Army during a period of six weeks starting on December 13, 1937. With the aid of the Soviet Union and the United States, China fought Japan during World War

  • Native American Literature: 10 Must-Read Books

    Native American Literature: 10 Must-Read Books0

    It’s quite a challenge to try to distill a category as broad as Native American literature into a 10-title “listicle.”  One must consider a wide array of works in the genres of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction.  The category includes gritty, heart-rending and often satirical fiction about the lives of contemporary Native