• 5 Must-Read Books On Diplomacy

    5 Must-Read Books On Diplomacy0

    Every student of International Relations should read these 5 must-read books on diplomacy. 1. The Back Channel: A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal by William J. Burns “Over the course of more than three decades as an American diplomat, William J. Burns played a central role in the most consequential

  • 5 Must-Read Books About Life And Work In The US Foreign Service

    5 Must-Read Books About Life And Work In The US Foreign Service6

    Take a trip overseas with these 5 must-read books about life and work in the US Foreign Service. 1. The Dust of Kandahar: A Diplomat Among Warriors in Afghanistan by Jonathan Addleton “The Dust of Kandahar represents a unique contribution to USNI’s growing number of books on the conflict in Afghanistan, largely because it views

  • 5 Must-Read Books For Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    5 Must-Read Books For Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse1

    These guides and true stories from survivors are must-read books for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 1. Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis “Brooke Nolan is a battered child who makes an anonymous phone call to social services about the escalating brutality in her home.When they jeopardize her safety, condemning her to keep her father’s secret,

  • Places To Go, Mysteries To Solve: A Travel Guide

    Places To Go, Mysteries To Solve: A Travel Guide0

    There’s no mystery about the popularity of mysteries. We all love to search for clues and figure out whodunit and, with luck, figure out whodunit before the author tells us. But just beneath the mysterious surface, there’s something else which is extremely entertaining and, often, even more intriguing. Mysteries always introduce us to new, or

  • 5 Must-Read Memoirs Written By Women

    5 Must-Read Memoirs Written By Women1

    Strong, powerful, compelling, and inspirational, you will not soon forget these 5 must-read memoirs written by women. 1. Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala “In 2004, at a beach resort on the coast of Sri Lanka, Sonali Deraniyagala and her family—parents, husband, sons—were swept away by a tsunami. Only Sonali survived to tell their tale. This is

  • Albert Einstein’s Reading List

    Albert Einstein’s Reading List0

    An extraordinary genius, Albert Einstein was a world-renowned theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity. A young Albert Einstein started a book club at the Olympia Academy. Einstein had this to say about reading books: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more