• Funniest Books: Top 5 Picks

    Funniest Books: Top 5 Picks1

    Get ready to laugh with these funniest books: top 5 picks. 1. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain “Life on the Mississippi was released in 1883 as a memoir by Mark Twain of his days as a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War, as well as travels on the

  • Dead Poets Society Reading List

    Dead Poets Society Reading List1

    The 1989 film Dead Poets Society about a group of elite prep school students and their inspirational English teacher starring Robin Williams as John Keating and Ethan Hawke as Todd Anderson features a number of important works of prose and poetry and remains a favorite movie for book lovers and poetry lovers, especially it seems

  • “My Weekend Is All Booked.” | Shelf-Control Problems

    “My Weekend Is All Booked.” | Shelf-Control Problems0

    Some people enjoy hiking, going out to restaurants, and throwing parties on the weekends. When asked to attend any of these activities, your usual reply is: “Sorry, I’m all booked.” Find the book featured in this video: Eat the Evidence by John E. Espy. There are many more bookshelf problems only book lovers understand including

  • 5 Of The Best Books About Horse Racing

    5 Of The Best Books About Horse Racing0

    Horse racing is one of the most historic sports still in existence. Dating back to Ancient civilizations, the ‘Sport of Kings’ has produced more than its fair share of stories – from uplifting tales of defying impossible odds, to scandal, mystery, and crime. It is therefore little wonder that horse racing has been responsible for

  • Good Days Begin With Coffee And Books | Coffee Date With A Book

    Good Days Begin With Coffee And Books | Coffee Date With A Book0

    “Good days begin with coffee and books.” Find the book featured in this video: The Ice Palace Waltz by Barbara L. Baer. Book lovers know there is nothing better than reading a great book while drinking a steaming cup of coffee. If you agree, then you will love these 10 quotes about books, coffee, and

  • 5 Must-Read Essay Collections

    5 Must-Read Essay Collections0

    Wise, funny, insightful, and intimate, spend some time with these 5 must-read essay collections. 1. The Vintage Mencken: The Finest & Fiercest of the Great Literary Iconoclast by H.L. Mencken The anthology that spans an entire lifetime of writing by America’s greatest curmudgeon, with a “flick of mischief on nearly every page.” 2. I Remember