• Home Decor Wars | Shelf-Control Problems

    Home Decor Wars | Shelf-Control Problems2

    Hubby wants to turn the recently finished basement into a man cave. But you have other ideas. A private reading room, for example. Find the book featured in this video: Will of a Tiger by Iris Yang.

  • Literary Holidays During The Month Of June

    Literary Holidays During The Month Of June1

    June is Audiobook Appreciation Month and Rainbow Book Month! More literary holidays during the month of June include Anne Frank’s birthday, Bloomsday, National Garfield the Cat Day, and Octavia Butler’s birthday. June 1-30 Audiobook Appreciation Month June 1-30 Rainbow Book Month June 12 Anne Frank’s birthday (on which she received her diary) June 16 Bloomsday

  • Lisa Simpson’s Reading List

    Lisa Simpson’s Reading List0

    Most book lovers would agree that their all-time favorite cartoon character is Lisa Simpson. Why? Because she loves to read! Here’s a list of 20 books that Lisa Simpson has been seen reading on episodes of The Simpsons. How many books have you read on Lisa Simpson’s reading list?