• Novel Reimagines Outcome Of Alzheimer’s

    Novel Reimagines Outcome Of Alzheimer’s0

    After her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Diana Tarant Schmidt decided to write a novel reimagining the outcome of the disease. She talked about this in more detail and answered questions about her novel Remember for Me recently at the Skokie Public Library Author Showcase.  The novel is available from Amazon and Open Books Direct.

  • Spoken Word: “Odo Wilhelm” From War Cries

    Spoken Word: “Odo Wilhelm” From War Cries0

    War Cries is a collection of 99 stories written in poetic form. Each character lived during WWII in Europe. This is the story of Odo Wilhelm, an Aryan German, who explains why those like him despise Jews. He refers to them as “untermenschen” or, “subhumans.” Editor’s Note: Kerry Arquette’s book of poems, War Cries: Unheard

  • Your Philosophy Minute: Socrates

    Your Philosophy Minute: Socrates0

    Editor’s Note: The Irrationalist: The Tragic Murder of René Descartes by Andrew Pessin is now available here. Socrates: Another philosopher whose ideas caused troubles great and small… If you saw him on the street you’d probably cross to the other side. And yet before him, there was nothing; while after him, there’s all of Western philosophy.