Foreword to Victoria McGrew’s Black Butterfly

Foreword to Victoria McGrew’s Black Butterfly

Editor’s Note: Black Butterfly by Victoria McGrew is now available. Click here to order your copy.

Some years ago, my brother, Warren, began sending me the many letters he received from people across the country asking for help. My job was to read each letter and decide which “case” to take on. I set up a team of experts, ten women with a wealth of real life experiences to support their judgment, and even former FBI Special Agents to determine if the “dire straits” described in each letter were the result of bad choices, or bad luck. Each case was meticulously investigated. Most of the letters were wrenching. Perhaps 10% were scams but about 33% we found to be worth consideration.

Since the inception of this program, we have reviewed and responded to over 24,000 pleas for help. Of all of these letters, Victoria McGrew’s stands out as one of the most compelling. We were happy to be able to offer her some of the help she most desperately needed.

Some months later, I received a manuscript in the mail. It was written by Victoria, and titled “Black Butterfly”. By this time, I thought I had “heard it all”. I was wrong. I started to read the manuscript and literally could not put it down until I read the final sentence. It is real, it is raw. It will change your attitudes and understanding, and you will find yourself pulling for Victoria. It is the story of the saddest, most hopeless upbringing you can imagine, and this amazing young woman’s journey through rejection, abandonment, substance dependency and every other kind of abuse imaginable, to reconciliation and peace.

You will ask yourself, “What kept Victoria going?” And, hopefully, this book will encourage you to look deep into yourself and find something that you did not know you possessed.

Victoria is a survivor. A heroine.

Doris Buffett
Doris Buffett

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