Lisa Simpson’s Reading List

Lisa Simpson’s Reading List

Most book lovers would agree that their all-time favorite cartoon character is Lisa Simpson. Why? Because she loves to read! Here’s a list of 20 books that Lisa Simpson has been seen reading on episodes of The Simpsons. How many books have you read on Lisa Simpson’s reading list?

Meanwhile at Welton Academy, the members of the Dead Poets Society read these books. As Mr. Keating would say, “Thank you, boys. Thank you.”

Real life book addict Marilyn Monroe’s personal library had an impressive 430 books on a wide variety of genres and subjects. Audrey Hepburn’s favorite books include such classics as The Secret Garden plus a few surprises. Jane Austen’s bookshelf originated from her father’s 64 square feet of books. And these 10 ultra-successful people love to read books.


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