10 Reasons Why We Love Summer Reading

10 Reasons Why We Love Summer Reading

What’s on your summer reading list?

1. Summer reading is different than school or work reading. You get to read what you want, when you want, where you want. Basically, the definition of happiness.

2. Plus there is a lot more time to read.

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3. Vacation time! The book you read on vacation becomes part of the experience. It’s a vacation within a vacation.

4. Need a break from the people with whom you’re vacationing? You know what to do.

5. Not going on vacation this year? Read a book, or two, or three. You’ll take several trips in your mind.

6. A good book plus a body of water equals bliss.

7. It’s even better when you find a reading buddy.

8. Hammocks and books go well together too.


9. Extra sunlight hours mean more time to read.

10. While everyone is at movies, you’re at home reading.




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