Read An Excerpt From The Soulful Leader

Read An Excerpt From The Soulful Leader

The Soulful Leader provides poignant and practical examples of Dr. Ciaramicoli’s ground-breaking AIE (authenticity, integrity and empathy) leadership platform for leaders in all industries to help them successfully optimize the potential of employees. Below is an exclusive excerpt from the book.

The Inspired Actions of a Soulful Leader

A leader who thinks, acts and behaves in a soulful manner inspires others to do the same, essentially developing a soulful culture. Our nervous systems talk to each other, and simple human interactions can change brain chemistry. Empathic interactions of a collective can change the brain chemistry of an entire organization.

A good leader has the attention of everyone. When people sense arrogance, dismissal, poor interpersonal skills, lack of compassion, and most importantly lack of integrity, the spirit of an organization suffers dramatically. Researchers from Princeton showed that leaders who are judged to be competent but lack warmth cause envy and resentment in employees. Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School conducted research demonstrating that leaders who relate with warmth are more effective than people who relate with aggression. Kindness and warmth create trust; trust releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which creates a desire to connect with others.

Oxford University researchers accessed and reviewed hundreds of published studies focusing on the relationship between happiness and kindness. 21 studies indicated that kindness makes us happier, and happy employees are more productive at work.[1]

Further research of 51,836 leaders by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman found that leaders who are disliked have a one in 2000 chance of being considered a good leader.[2]

AIE leaders gain favorability by not compromising their values, which exudes a purity of intention and a genuine concern for the mission statement of the businesses they administrate.

When I have consulted with corporations I have noticed that as leaders adopt the AIE perspective, not only through understanding but through actions, employees begin to mirror their approach and behavior. Why? Because people simply feel better when we relate in compassionate, mindful ways. We change our brains, which makes us happier and more creative. Creativity as a part of successful strategizing increases as behavior becomes more authentic. We become agents for change, encouraging the potential of an entire group or organization.

1. Forbes. How Purposeful Kindness Can Make You A Better Leader. David Stuart and Todd Nordstrom. 10/24/2018

2. Zenger, Jack and Folkman, Joseph. Bad Leaders Can Change Their Spots. Harvard Business Review.1/24/2013


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