Review: In The Autobiography Of Satan, The Prince of Darkness Protests Age-Old Bum Rap

Review: In The Autobiography Of Satan, The Prince of Darkness Protests Age-Old Bum Rap

William Glasser constructed an ingenious tale of our perception of evil as told in the first person by none other than by the king of hell himself – Satan. The character-driven storyline harkened back to the time when the Prince of Darkness was first conceived in the minds of early man. If for example, the weather proved poor for hunting, or if a raging fire threatened their existence, it must have been the handiwork of some sinister force. It was the birth of the devil.

The Autobiography of Satan by William A. Glasser

Cast out from his Almighty’s kingdom, it had been a brutal awakening for the son of God, so He said. Walking amongst us, there were few mortals that He had a stomach for. Most blamed all of their woes and troubles on Him. What a weak lot He mused.

The incredible scenes took me on a whirlwind journey following His Highness through the ravaging ages of civilization. The storyline was well-written with its sordid tale beginning back in the day of our early ancestors, the cavemen. Sadly, from what Satan had to offer, we really haven’t changed through the millennia all that much. If anyone would know, He’d sure be the one.

His less-than-stellar reputation had taken a dramatic downward plunge with the creation of Adam and Eve, a romance doomed from the start. Someone had to be the fall guy. Satan would have to be the one to carry the load and it stuck. Forever carved into the annals of time, He’d be the one to blame. He would forever be assigned the moniker, the devil – the bad guy. According to Him as He tells it, it was a bum rap.

Uprisings, ruthless wars, horrific acts of Mother Nature were all made attributable to the one and only – Lucifer. He had many names. He boldly objected and demanded to put the blame where it belongs, on the human race. Count me out.

Cast as a hideous looking creature, Satan had been described with all types of horrifying physical characteristics. He often questioned why people would conclude that he had horns, hoofs and a hairy body with a pointy tail. In fact, He offered that there have been over a billion different descriptions to define his ghastly appearance. In contrast, why is it that some of the most evil members of the human race have not also been physically repulsive? Good point.

He claimed vehemently that the world had come to use Him as a scapegoat for every evil sin in their desperate lives. One of His main gripes defined most human beings as being oblivious to the ways of the world by blindly following the empty words and ways of others. He referred to those in power as the spoon-feeders. Though, there were some that He admired; not many. He stated that true evil is born out of ignorance. Clearly, He’s not pleased with us. A justified ending for his existence wrapped up with a big bang, not a whimper.

Paul Falk
Paul Falk

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