Review: Rosemary In Bloom: Love, War, And Second Chances

Review: Rosemary In Bloom: Love, War, And Second Chances

One of my favorite periods in time is captured within the era of World War II, a milestone in American history. The author presented a heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking narrative that spilled over into an emotional roller coaster ride fraught with unpredictable romance. My heart hammered rhythmically with each passing scene. The main character, Rosemary, was splendidly defined.

Rosemary in Bloom by Khristy Reibel

For many, it was a time of personal sacrifice. Rationing of commodities engulfed the nation. No one was totally immune to its far reaches across the nation. The storyline was well-written with many thunderous twists and turns.

The year was 1942 and the consensus across Middle America was guarded. America was embroiled in the relentless struggles of World War II. Countless young men had bravely marched off to the war-torn battlefields in Europe and the Japanese held beaches in the Pacific. It was a catastrophic bloodbath. Many did not return home. It was a state of mourning for the weeping country.

Against her fierce objections, Rosemary’s older brother William joined the army to help further the war effort. As siblings, they were inseparable and she frantically feared for his safety. Swept up in a never-ending tug of war, her tears knew no end.

At a fundraising dance in town, the arrow of Cupid was destined to find its mark; Rosemary met Albert. Coincidentally, they both worked for the same employer right in town, Owens-Illinois Glass. As if it was meant to be, their chemistry clicked. With an adrenaline rush of young blood, it was lust at first sight, but sadly, the relationship would have to take a back seat to the war. The Call to Arms of America’s patriots would wait no longer.

Following in her brother’s footsteps, Albert enlisted. Rosemary’s fragile heart shattered into many pieces. Before leaving, he proposed to her that upon his return they would join hands in marriage. It was everything she had ever hoped for, though, not the leaving part. She longed to settle down with her knight in shining armor, but now there were serious doubts in her mind that that would ever happen. She felt abandoned, first by her brother, then by Albert.

It wasn’t until many months later when word reached her family that her precious brother William had been seriously wounded; his right leg had been amputated. The family was devastated. They didn’t know how the injury occurred or where he was being treated. Their hopes for his safe return were in ruins.

As time went on there was still no word from Albert. Deep in the pit of her stomach, Rosemary knew that he had been killed in action. It festered like an open wound into her already shattered heart. Not being able to stand it any longer, she needed to find someone else for emotional support.

It was all too much for Rosemary to bear. Albert wasn’t coming home. It was time to get a move on with her life. So, she grabbed the first man to come along, a costly mistake that would haunt her for years to come. Little did she know that one of the greatest revelations in her young life was just about to make its entrance.

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