Review: Tales From The Warming, A Look Into The Near Future As Global Warming Descends Upon Us

Review: Tales From The Warming, A Look Into The Near Future As Global Warming Descends Upon Us

One of the hot-button topics over the last few decades have fallen on the impending arrival of catastrophic global warming. There’s no getting around it, the Earth is trending to become warmer. Author Lorin Robinson presents a dismal look at what will greet us around the globe in the not-too-distant future. Fasten your seatbelts.

Tales from The Warming by Lorin R. Robinson

Rising sea levels will have invaded coastlines worldwide. Millions, perhaps a billion lives will be directly impacted. A triggered sequence of disasters will reign in the remaining population. No one escapes unscathed. This well-written narrative guided me through 10 tragic, likely, scenarios around the world in the not-too-distant future. Each plagued with their own unique disaster. Sadly, we could predict the devastation that was coming but merely stood by.

The main culprit for the ever encroaching global warming phenomena is carbon dioxide. Some studies have shown that this greenhouse gas can last in the atmosphere for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years. So, in an ideal world, even if we all stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow, the global warming effect would fail to end. That being the case, many cried, “So why bother?”

The author said that as a rule, if we’re not being impacted by the effects of global warming at the present moment then it’s not regarded as a serious enough threat. As long as the world keeps its finger plugged in the dam from day to day, there’s no reason for alarm, live for today. That’s typically been humanity’s answer.

The sentiment goes that the seas will rise but not to worry, it won’t happen overnight. Storms will reach new levels of ferocity but we’ll see them coming – not a problem. We’ll make our adjustments as needed, move inland; get to higher ground – whatever it takes. It’s easier to leave our heads buried in the sand. Maybe it’ll all go away all on its own.

Many developing nations are not able to bear the overwhelming cost of switching over to alternative energy sources; food, shelter, and medical assistance come first on the agenda. They have bigger fish to fry. Fossil fuels arrive at bargain rates. They subsist by the motto, ‘show me the money.’ In a nutshell, they’re not in the warming game. Their hands will remain in their pockets.

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