• 6 Books With Female Characters That Made The Big Screen

    6 Books With Female Characters That Made The Big Screen0

    As a writer, I find it just as easy to create convincing female characters as male, thanks to the advice of an editor a few years back. She gave me the very simple advice that I should stop trying to create some kind of fantasy figures in my fiction, and write women as they really

  • 26 Books Featured In Movies

    26 Books Featured In Movies0

    Books are everywhere including your favorite feature films. There are plenty more books found in movies, we’re sure. Tell us what we missed in the comments section. The movie: Miss Congeniality The book: Essentials Of Russian Grammar by Nicholas Maltzoff   The movie: Harvey The book: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen The movie: A

  • 5 Unexpectedly Great Classic Film Adaptations

    5 Unexpectedly Great Classic Film Adaptations0

    1. Watership Down I still can’t explain how Richard Adams illustrated the human condition so well using nothing but bunnies. Adorable fluffy bunnies who imprison each other and rip each other’s little bunny throats out. It should never have worked as a film, but the 1978 animated classic is every bit as haunting and harrowing

  • 6 Edgy Memoirs To Read And Watch Now

    6 Edgy Memoirs To Read And Watch Now0

    1. Orange Is The New Black – Piper Kerman This Netflix TV series has captured hearts and won awards. The show is a titillating blend of shame, longing, sex, tragedy, awkwardness, and humor. The book, less so. Much less so. In fact, the characters and events of the show are largely a creation of the Netflix