• Top 10 Best Weddings In Fiction

    Top 10 Best Weddings In Fiction0

    Momentous, outrageous, and completely unforgettable, you will want to attend these top 10 best weddings in fiction. 1. Goodbye Columbus by Philip Roth “Goodbye, Columbus is the story of Neil Klugman and pretty, spirited Brenda Patimkin, he of poor Newark, she of suburban Short Hills, who meet one summer break and dive into an affair

  • 4 Mystery Series Crime-Solving Couples

    4 Mystery Series Crime-Solving Couples0

    Whatever you decide to call them—sleuthing duos, partners in crime, or husband and wife detective teams—these 4 mystery series crime-solving couples always crack the case with a dash of humor and a lot of love. 1. Spenser and Susan Silverman from the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker “In this tale, Spenser is hired to

  • 5 Nonfiction Books To Help You Understand The Science Of Love

    5 Nonfiction Books To Help You Understand The Science Of Love0

    These 5 nonfiction books will help you to understand the science of love. 1. Anatomy of Love by Helen Fisher “This is a cutting-edge tour de force that traces human family life from its origins in Africa over 20 million years ago to the Internet dating sites and bedrooms of today.” 2. Wired for Love